Why Did Peter Spend So Much Effort on the Beheading of John the Baptist?

Mark uses more words to talk about the beheading of John the Baptist than he does on the Feeding of the 5000 or Jesus Walking on the Water.

John the Baptist Beheaded Facebook LIVE

In this first Facebook Live attempt … I attempt to explain why I think that is so.

There is some weird dynamics in Herordias’ live that will explain why she would ask her daughter to try to please her 2nd husband so much so that she could trick him into giving up John the Baptist … his head … on a platter.

Just to think, Salome could have asked for tickets to Disneyland instead.

I have also figured out, I think, how Peter would have known about the backstory to John losing his life. Somebody had to be there and lived to tell Jesus and/or one of his apostles.

Who Told Jesus the Story of Salome?

And that somebody had to be loyal to Jesus … perhaps someone who had been healed by Jesus and had connections to Herod.

Joanna and her husband, Chuva, fit the bill. Chuva was Herod’s accountant. Joanna was healed by JesusĀ  and showed up before and after the resurrection at the tomb.

That explains a lot … or not.

Watch the video to learn why I think Peter put this story in the Gospel of Mark in the first place.

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